14 – Do you know the three letter word holding you back? – Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Jeff Keeney

January 24, 2018

Do you know what really holds you back?  My friend Jeff Keeney did!  Today on the program, Jeff shares a powerful story of what he learned when he took over his family business.  He quickly discovered that what brought his dad success so many years ago, was not going to work for him.  His journey led him down a path of introspection that changed his life forever.


13 – Do you have your own voice in your Family business! – Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Kelli Weatherby

October 31, 2017

Are you a character in someone else’s dream?  Have you been able to make their dream your dream too?  Today on the program, my friend Kelli Weatherby tells us her struggle of how she was able be the exceptional mom she always wanted to be, while being thrown into her husband’s dream at a moment’s notice.  Now she had to be an exceptional business partner, as well as an exceptional spouse and mother.  Many would find this impossible and never really figure it out.  Not Kelly.  She has a very powerful story to share for any women in the industry, or anyone working in a partnership or family business.


12 – Get out of your own way! – Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Keith Greene

August 22, 2017

Are you stuck working in your business?  Do you feel like you can’t get away because the business can’t run without you?  Do you find yourself frequently saving the day and feel you have become the hero of your company?  Today on the program, fellow shop owner Keith Greene tells us what he did to get out of his own way, and takes us on his journey to discovering he was what was holding his company back the most.


11 – How do you Stand out? – Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Matt Purselle

July 3, 2017

Do you know what makes you different?  Is there something you do that no other shop does?  Today fellow shop owner Matt Purselle tells us what makes his shop different and how he uses this to connect with people.


10 – Expect the unexpected – Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Jason Gloria

June 20, 2017
Are you prepared for the unexpected?  What would you do if faced with something unforeseen and unavoidable?  On today’s podcast, you will hear fellow shop owner Jason Gloria, tell his story of the unexpected and his struggle to overcome it.

09 - Your way or the highway - Driving Change from ATI Podcast – Greg Budwine

April 18, 2017

Are you stuck thinking your way is the only way?  Why wouldn’t you?  Isn’t your way the best way?  Today fellow shop owner Greg Budwine tells us when he realized that guy was him.


08 - Are things really as they seem? - Driving Change for ATI Podcast - David Powers

March 31, 2017
Do you lose people for reasons you don’t understand?  Are things really as they seem?  The Truth, may surprise you.  Today on the program, shop owner Dave Powers shares what he learned simply by asking.

07 - Get things done - Driving Change for ATI Podcast - Bryan Jewett

March 17, 2017
Do your people think for themselves or do they look to you for all the answers?  Do they solve their own problems or ignore them until they are forced to face them?  Today on the program, fellow shop owner Bryan Jewett tells us how he assembled a shop full of thinkers and doers.

06 - Where did all the good people go? - Driving Change for ATI Podcast -Leon Anderson

March 10, 2017

05 - Your Customer’s Experience -Driving Change for ATI Podcast -Ryan Kuhnle.mp3

March 1, 2017

Have you ever experienced what it’s like to be a customer of your own business?  Do you really understand the pain a customer goes through when their vehicle is in your shop?  Today, my friend Ryan Kuhnle shares what happened when he took a vehicle into the dealer for service, and the lessons that he learned.