04 - Inspire Your Staff -Driving Change for ATI Podcast - Tom Harvey

February 21, 2017
Are you crammed for space?  Is your shop efficiency not what it should be?  If you need assistance in these areas, you’re in luck, because today on the program, my friend Tom Harvey tells us how in his shop, he inspired his staff to overcome these challenges and find the solutions on their own.

03 - Driving Change for ATI Podcast - Dave Erb

February 17, 2017
Do you have processes in your shop?  Are those processes in writing?  Does it even make a difference?  Today my friend Dave Erb tells us his story about implementing processes in his shop, and how it helped to dramatically change the company’s culture and the consistency of how things are done.

02 - Driving Change from ATI Podcast - Dave Murphy

February 8, 2017

Have you ever had an employee quit and stay?  They have mentally check out but they don’t leave the company.  You did nothing, but deep down you knew you should have.  After this employee was gone, you looked back and realized something should have been done much sooner.  If this sounds at all familiar, then My friend Dave Murphy’s story is for you.  Today he shares when this happened to him and the lessons he learned.


01 - Driving Change from ATI Podcast - Bud Wildman

February 3, 2017

Shop owner Bud Wildman Shares how he transitioned from mechanic to CEO of his company.